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Ordering on the website

As soon as a sale starts, you will be able to see all of the items on sale. Select the items you wish to purchase and they will be added to your basket.

Your items will be kept in your basket for 30 minutes, after which your basket will expire. This is why certain items may at first appear to be sold out but then come back into stock.

Once you have confirmed the delivery charges and completed payment, your order will be confirmed. Shortly after you have placed an order with, you will receive an email which will confirm and summarise your order. You can then view the status of your order by logging into

your account and selecting either My Delivery or My Account /Order History. Once payment has been confirmed, you will be unable to make any further changes to your order.

Due to logistical constraints, you are not able to remove one specific item from an order after an order number has been generated. Although two sales may appear on the website at the same time we do not necessarily receive stock from both suppliers at the same time. For this reason each sale may be prepared separately by our Logistics service.